01/01/2013 »

A new Racing team is born

Florian and Nina drive from 2013 in the joint team Alzuhn Racing.

Nina will be practice in the class Formel Mini and drive some races.

Florian will take the second year in the Formel Micro class.

01/01/2013 »

First training 2013

The first time together on the race track (Järfälla).


28/04/2013 »

Week 26 to 28 April 2013: Florian drove the race in MKR1 Rasbo, see link here.

Nina trained in Södertälje to be able to test their new mini kart.

Nina has only started a few months ago with the kart driving. It's pretty tuff in the mini-series to start with all the experienced pilots. We have to first train a lot. We are planning the first race in Södertälje.

20130427_151812.jpg 20130427_151902.jpg

26/05/2013 »

MKR3, Västerås

Nina, in her third mini race (fourth overall races) came directly to the A final - super Nina!

Unfortunately, she had to avoid a crash in the first turn and

dropped out unhappy, place 30.

Florian wins MKR3-2013 Formula Micro, see link here and here.

P1070240.JPG P1070365.JPG

Summer 2013 »

We practice in Sodertälje, Gävle and Linköping - summer camp on Gräsö!

Florian drives his last formula micro race - place 10 A-Final. Flo will start from now in the formula Mini class, because we will change next year in any case.

Nina runs a stable race but not

everything works.
Finally 25 of 29 drivers.

In Gävle only runs Nina - Place 24 of 27.
We need to practice overtaking!


February 2014 »

Nina is switching to a CRG 1010 chassi.

New design for our karts, orderd from                         KartDavidGraphics (KDG) from GB.

NINA_KD_2014.jpg flo_kd_2014.jpg

February 2014 »

TrainingCamp in Germany.

We plan to practice on 3 different tracks in week 9 and 10.

tc_2014_new.png tyskland_2014.jpg

March 2014 »

We have performed a great training camp in Germany.

We visited four different racetracks in 4 complete days and drove on 3 racetracks.

Liedolsheim, Oppenrod and Schaafheim as well as we visit the racetrack in Walldorf.

We were able to train in rain and sun (up to 17 degrees Celsius).

April/Mai 2014 »

We participate in the following races

(only Flo):

- Rasbo, Chicken Race, 26/4  
more info see ”classes”

- MKR1 Enköping, 3/5

- MKR2 Rasbo, 17/5

Juni 2014 »

We participate in the following races

(only Flo):

- MKR3 Linköping, 1/6

- Training Södertälje

- MKR4 Södertälje, 14/6

- TrainingsCamp Hedemora

- MKR5 Hedemora, 28/6

Juli 2014 »

We participate in the following races

(only Flo):

- Hotell Lappland Race, 23/7

- Training Södertälje

- Training Borlänge

Summer and autumn 2014»

We participate in the following races

(only Flo):

- MKR6 Borlänge 09/08/2014

- MKR7 Gävle, 23/08/2014, inkl. Extra training

- Training Södertälje and Järfälla

- MKR final Järfälla, 13/09/2014

- Training Södertälje, Katrineholm Västerås

Vi visit STCC, Solvalla, 5-6/9 2014»

What a weekend!

We visited the STCC race 5-6 / 9 Solvalla.

Exciting races, met many people and Flo could ”test sit” in some cars.

Many Many thanks to:

- Hampus Lindquist (V8 ThunderCars #04)

- Jonas Fors (V8 ThunderCars #78)

- Philip Forsman (STTC #7)

- Pontus Fredricsson (Formula Renault 1.6 #11)


Thanks to Pontus and the other drivers - see here -> www.alzuhn.de/racing.